Our Brand

Ensuring consistent branding is crucial to building and maintaining an organisation’s image. If the branding is consistent in everything the organisation promotes, whether it is signage, leaflets or on the barrel of a pen, its members will recognise the organisation and everything they associate with it instantly, almost without even thinking about it.

However, creating a professional brand is pointless if the standards of presenting the brand are not maintained. A logo that has been resized incorrectly such that its dimensions are stretched in one direction more than the other is very noticeable and looks highly amateurish. Ensuring that headings are kerned properly is less noticeable, especially to the untrained eye, but still important. Successful branding works on a subconscious level and by adhering to consistency the organisation demonstrates unity, professionalism, discipline and sticking to its principles.

The booklet linked in below outlines Imperial College Union’s branding guidelines including what fonts we use and how to use them properly, our colour palette, correct usage of our logos and more. Follow the rules outlined in this booklet and your documents will look professional and be perfectly on brand. To download the Union logos contained in this booklet as well as templates for PowerPoint presentations and letterheads, visit the pages linked above.

Imperial College Union Brand Guidelines


Brand Questions?

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